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Houstonians,  Supporters, Neighbors, and Friends from Everywhere, thank you all so much for making this 2022 Campaign the most exciting experience that I’ve had an opportunity to be a part of! Unfortunately, we did not win the 2022 Primary race for Texas State Representative District 131, but be assured that I am committed to you all and our families’ futures!  We will be back to run this race again and Win in 2024!  Be Blessed Houston!

Thank you all so very much!

James Guillory

James Guillory

46 years in District 131, new to politics, however highly experienced in solving problems!

For 46 years my family and I have been in the retail gas, grocery store, and real estate development business.  For 22 years I’ve successfully developed and operated hotels and housing developments. Now it’s my time to put my time and talent towards improving the lives of Texans!

Current Endorsements

We Must Tackle These Issues…Together

Alma Allen has had 25 years in office to address the challenges listed below.

Education Improvement

Job and Career Training

Senior & Veteran Services

Housing Affordability

Criminal Justice Reforms

Racial and Gender Equality

Safer Neighborhoods

Fair Banking and Lending Practices

Fair Insurance Coverages

Fair Property Taxes

Fair Immigration Reforms

Fair Credit Reporting

Fairness  ★  Education  ★  Opportunity

Note: Houston, District 131 residents can vote for James Guillory in the Primary in March 2022 (save the date!). However, all citizens from Beaumont to Dallas, to El Paso to Houston and beyond can support this campaign by volunteering and making a donation that supports our efforts to win this election in Texas in 2022.

We are using all campaign donations to purchase services and products from small businesses in our community to work on our campaign in all areas (signage, marketing, advertising, publications, etc.). Please support us as we support Women-Owned and Minority Businesses.

Why I am Running to Win, In District 131 For Texas State Representative

It’s Time for an Upgrade!

Our state and our local community needs a Visionary, a strong new voice, a job creator, a concerned neighbor, an advocate for our educators and working families, an encourager of our youth, appreciative of our seniors, and a friend to our small business community.

I am a husband, father and business leader for over 21 years. I am also a friend, mentor, and supporter of any and everyone who strives for their best and for the betterment of themselves, their families, and their community.

My goal and vision as your future Texas State Representative is to utilize my energy, experiences, fearlessness and ingenuity, and focus on Problem Solving, quality of life, compromise, and effective solutions that helps all Texans.

Problem Solving  ★  Quality of Life  ★  Compromise  ★  Effective Solutions

What I plan to accomplish for Texans and District 131

My fellow friends and neighbors, allow me to:


Fight for you on issues that concern you, your family, your neighbors, and our state, in order to see a better tomorrow for us all…


Bring together our Community, across all ages, races and genders, and Inspire them to be Courageous, Empathetic, United, Respectful and Compassionate!


Let me share my many successes, struggles and failures, as I remain standing proud today, and remind and show our Young People, that Mistakes develop Maturity, that Failure is Not Final, and our Decisions direct our Destiny!


Let me journey to the neighborhoods, help centers, and households that struggle daily with poverty, incarcerated family members, lack of affordable housing and good jobs, nutritional food, mental, family and work-related issues. Allow me to Listen, Pray, Encourage, and fight hard across all political ideologies for Change in Policies as Texas State Representative, that can uplift and renew hope in every man, women and child in Texas and beyond.

Volunteer, We Need You!!

Early Voting begins February 14th and Election Day is March 1st. Sign up for one of the volunteer times now.

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Who is James Guillory?

I am a God-fearing man and father that has been Bruised, Broken and Blessed. I am a Change-Maker, and a Glass Ceiling Breaker. A Courageous Leader and Entrepreneur. An Embodiment of Ideas and Ideals. A seeker of Wisdom and Knowledge. A Giver, a Helper, an Encourager and Uplifter to young and older alike.

I am the son of a father with a 10th grade education, but the work ethic of a mule! My mother earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from TSU and UofH, and together they became job creators, entrepreneurs, partners, and business owners in 1974 when I was born. Since then, their businesses have grown, evolved, survived, and thrived.

For the past 21 years, I have served as President of CenterPointe Hotels, now HarDam Hotels & Housing which acquired and developed major branded hotels in its inception, and today owns, as well as serves as a developer and project manager of major branded hotels under the Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt Hotel brands, as well as affordable and market-rate Single-Family and Multi-Family housing developments.

I was born, raised, and currently reside in the Hiram Clarke area of Houston (District 131). I attended Hobby Elementary, Dowling (now Audrey Lawson), and Pershing Middle Schools, and graduated from James Madison High School. I am a graduate of the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in business and accounting. I am also to this day pursuing my MBA from the University of Houston – Downtown and my graduate certification in Construction Management.

I am a Member of:

Greater Houston Black Chamber
Pinnacle Award Winner

I was originally denied acceptance in 1992 to the University of North Texas, I went on to receive my degree from UNT,
and today I serve on:








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